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For the most wonderful spa experience possible, we offer a few selected signature treatments. A signature treatment consists of several treatments that are performed one after the other. It's our way of spoiling you a little more than usual.



Luxurious bass ritual Aufguss

Discover our sauna ritual Aufguss.
A wonderful experience for
2-4 people, including 30 minutes of treatment of your choice. Choose between: foot massage and foot scrub, facial or other massage

(aroma, classic or sport).

For 15 minutes, you get to enjoy a sauna ritual with heat, essential oils and soothing music. Three different rituals with lavender, eucalyptus and orange give you a feeling of well-being.

When the sauna ritual is complete, our therapists guide you with carefully selected products from Kerstin Florian, to deep clean and moisturize your skin. Enjoy products such as Turkish body scrub, body oil, shower gel, relaxing body lotion and chamomile body lotion.

Lavender Dreams


In our Lavender Dreams treatment, you inhale soothing lavender. At the same time, you enjoy a face scrub as a result of a warm coconut face mask. The treatment ends with a full body massage.

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Signature Recovery Massage

This unique treatment combines heat, magnesium and menthol with warm compresses to dissolve tension and promote muscle recovery. Our therapist chooses an aroma oil based on your wishes, which further enhances the feeling of calm.

Neroli Blossom Sensory Massage

Enjoy the scents of essential oils as they are spread around in a warm sauna using a towel. The heat and oils promote circulation, cleansing and contribute to your well-being. At the end of the treatment, you get a body scrub and a cooling cream, both of which enhance the effect of the massage.


Day spa gold

DagSpa Gold - just for you

(60 min sauna + 120 min treatment)

Duo treatment Day spa gold

(3 hours + 60 min sauna + 3 hours treatment)

Pamper yourself - either with someone you like, or alone. The DagSpa Gold treatment includes private sauna and relaxation time with fruit platters and first-class spa products. Of course, you can borrow comfortable towels, slippers and bathrobes. Then experience a refreshing full-body peeling that increases circulation and gives your skin a glow. The treatment ends with a tailored massage and facial treatment with caring products.

Let us know if you wish to reserve the sauna. You do that on the booking page.

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